Roger Castillo - Where does it all come from (part 1)?

Apr 3, 2020
With the aid of three theoretical models, each of which is a plausible explanation of where this life experience originates from, Roger aims to demonstrate experientially (not just theoretically) that what we all know as 'life', is in fact always only an experience arising in Consciousness. This elaboration will hopefully clarify experientially for some what the words Consciousness, I Am and Awareness, are actually denoting and what the experience of knowing life from these different positions feels like. From here the ground will have been laid to get a better sense (in Part 2) of why various non-dual teachings say that there is no person, that pleasure and pain, good and bad, don't exist, and on what basis they claim that time and space doesn't exist, and why causality is not real. An understanding of all this may shed light on the mystery of teachings and what is meant by some of the statements made by them. This will clarity will help a seeker relate to various teachings with more appreciation of why they are structured the way they are and how in the end it all comes back to, and links in with, the very simple goal of peace of mind in daily living.
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