Unwavering Connection To Source (Slovenian translation)

Sep 15, 2015

Even after liberation life will still be experienced from the perspective of the individual living life as a human being. Now however, there is a direct knowing and unwavering connection to Source. 

This connection is to know directly that the essence of the human is impersonal Consiousness expressing itself as personal Consciousness and that the human is being lived by Source. And in practice this translates into a sense of openness and life being lived without suffering.

Satsang Intensive in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Day 3 - Evening Session 

Recorded September 6th 2015

Official website: http://rogercastillo.org

This talk was co-hosted by Armelle Six: http://meetinginpresence.com

Music excerpts: "Ocean Power", "Peaceful Dream" by Kaan Luum


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