“Life is a dream in the
Mind of God”

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Happy Birthday Ramesh

March 22, 2021
May 25, 2020

Today marks Ramesh Balsekar's 103rd birthday anniversary. Ramesh was born on 25 May, 1917, a happening in life that I'm so very grateful for.

It seems fitting that on a birthday one would focus on the essence. In essence, Ramesh was driving home this simple point -

Life is a happening and not 'your' doing.

As this simple insight sinks deeper and deeper, the ingrained sense of personal doership falls away and it becomes apperceived that we are, always have been, and always will be, 'being lived'.

We are all, always, being lived according to Life's will.

With this falling away of personal doership comes the falling away of suffering, and this reveals our birth-right of peace of mind.

What we are really looking for, whether we realise it or not, is unbroken peace of mind in daily living.

Happy birthday from Ramesh Balsekar.

Your happiness is not to be found in the flow of life

June 7, 2020
May 8, 2020

Your happiness is not to be found in the flow of life.

This is a reminder, an invitation, to step out of psychological involvement with the way life unfolds.

Your happiness is not to be found in the flow of life

In the space prior to, and beyond, the ideas of right and wrong, you'll find yourself free.

Peace for now

A most significant environmental activist

June 7, 2020
May 7, 2020

A most significant environmental activist, is one that has become firmly familiar and aware, of the contaminants that pollute, one's own peace of mind.

Pointless thinking

June 7, 2020
April 22, 2020

so much uncomfortable and pointless thinking, judging and opinionating carries on incessantly because we believe we have some clue about what we are ruminating on...

when in fact we have none.


and get on with it...

The depth of humanity

June 7, 2020
April 21, 2020

• human beings, you and me, have a depth to us that is unfathomable •

What can I do to gain liberation, should I meditate or not?

June 7, 2020
April 19, 2020

'You' can't do anything. All the movements and functioning of the body-mind including thoughts and emotions are happening automatically without 'anyone' doing them - 'you' have never done anything.

To have questions forming in your thinking such as 'should I meditate or not?' , 'what can I do to become liberated?' are all coming from the troublesome yet extremely understandable attitude of personal doership.

It's obvious that in this life this is the standard human attitude that life ingrains, non-duality teachings are trying to point us beyond seeing ourselves this way. Pointing to a liberation from this attitude towards life.

These questions of what to do, and the majority of how we interpret what's going on in life, arises from the 'NOT comprehending' the very liberating pointer that explains that there is nobody 'doing' anything, that nobody has ever done anything.

We are all instruments, through which consciousness is functioning. Instruments with a very intricate design. Life has always been a happening. You have never 'done' anything, you are always being lived.

There is the biological functioning that happens in life (based on the intricate design), and on top of the biological functioning there is the troublesome attitude of personal doership (also an output of the intricate design) that processes all of life as 'my' doing, the 'other's' doing, and feels that it must 'do' the rest of life.

It is this attitude layer of thoughts and feelings which is the human suffering which can collapse. We are all instruments, designed by life, being used by consciousness to experience life.

The attitude of personal doership can collapse in an instant if it's instantaneously realized that the attitudinal layer is all superfluous, sees wrongly and is mind made.

'I simply cannot be the doer'

When what is described above really 'clicks' based on a seeing of the non-doership of your own movements, especially your thoughts and emotions, then the attitude must change (the suffering attitude of doership is the 'not getting' this).

After this change, life carries on, the body mind keeps talking, thinking, feeling and functioning, you continue to have interpersonal relationships, sometimes pleasurable outcomes and sometimes painful outcomes. However, the suffering commentary and feelings that was forced to be there previously, no longer has anything to say, it no longer exists, because it's been seen that the commentary had no clue about how and why life happens.

💫 No more blaming the other, because it's known that there is no doer.

💫 No more shame because it's known that there is no doer.

💫 No more pride because it's known that there is no doer.

💫 No more worry because it's known there is no doer and life will turn out just one way, as destined.

💫 No more expectation or questions because it's known that there is no doer and life will turn out just one way, as destined.

That's peace of mind in daily living, the end of suffering.

Peace for now

Your idea about God

June 7, 2020
April 17, 2020

If you have trouble apprehending that anything and everything that happens in life is a happening according to God's Will, it's because of your belief, idea or notion of what God is.

One's peace and harmony with oneself, the other, and life, is entirely dependant on your attitude to life, in other words how you Know life.

Ironically, most ideas that get formed about God are intrinsic to an attitude which is divisive and resistant rather than inclusive and peaceful - especially the idea that God represents only one half of life. Life is a flow of interconnected opposites.

Human thinking develops from infancy in a way that sees polarity, and then immediately accepts one end of the spectrum and rejects the other.

This ingrained thinking structure is the basis of our internal war of uncomfortableness with ourself the other and life, it prevents us from Knowing ourself.

I'm not suggesting that you 'should' be seeing life this way or that, or have a particular notion of 'God', the above statements are just descriptions of dynamics and not a prescription - read them again if you feel inclined, read them as descriptions and not prescriptions and see if they lead to a contemplation.

Peace for now

Who would have thought?

June 7, 2020
April 16, 2020

Who would have thought:

when you stop searching that's when you find,

when you stop moving outward then you arrive.

Peace for now

Happy Easter

June 7, 2020
April 12, 2020

I'd like to use this space today to wish everyone a very happy Easter.

Oh, and while I'm at it may I suggest, that when you visit your family next, take the time to appreciate that we are all unique expressions of this magnificent creation of life, not some valid and others invalid, but rather everyone created by Source, uniquely, to express exactly as we do in each moment.

From here you may be able to feel an equanimity and feel how each of your family members, no matter what they think, is entirely right.

That deep relationship with the other will make for a happy (peace of mind) Easter.

Much love and peace to you all

Blessed by what we've always been

June 7, 2020
April 11, 2020

There is a dimension of the human being which is much more akin to quantumness than mechanicalness.

This aspect of the human being is formless, still, silent, eternal, infinite and ever present. At the core it doesn't exhibit characteristics of age, gender, personality and preferences, and its fulfillment is causeless and self affirming.

This formless aspect of the human being is not exclusively what we are, it is a facet, nonetheless a facet that has been under appreciated and forgotten.

The personal attributes are another facet and together the various parts make up the whole. We must come to know ourselves fully as both the outward expression and the inner depth, and in so knowing ourselves the two aspects will embrace, merge, and dance together.

As an inevitable part of our impersonal development from baby to adult we tend to lose touch with the formless aspect of ourself and instead become identified with the parts rooted in the circumstantial flow of life. From here we know ourselves as vulnerable and separate, believing ourselves to be the ones driving the bus, relating to others as a need, possession or threat.

With this attitude of personal doership and identification with form, we are forced to see the others as rivals, competitors and enemies, we see through a lens of suspicion, fear and judgement.

As we taste our formless depth the narrative of the other as a rival, competitor, threat or enemy can no longer persist, life becomes known as a creative happening, we remain always rooted and connected to Source and find ourselves at peace even in the face of challenges.

Left to function naturally our biological intelligence deals with circumstance, more efficiently and harmoniously than ever before, a flow takes over, and we understand we are being lived.

Isn't it time to be truthful about the habituated narrative and attitude that keeps us outward focussed, uncomfortable and forgetful of our core?

Isn't it time to be surrendered, to have attention turned inwards and be blessed by what we've always been? 🙏

Peace for now