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Mind of God”

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Let life flow

October 3, 2019
August 27, 2019

Let life flow - enjoy the pleasures when they come, and likewise endure the pains, they are the two interconnected opposites of the flow of life, both are inevitable and not in your control.

Psychological attachment or resistance to the pleasures and pains of life is futile and only disturbs your full enjoyment of the pleasure, or in the case of pain in the moment adds a heavy layer of uncomfortableness on top of the pain.

If you find yourself lucky enough that life is molding you such that psychological involvement (suffering) with the inevitable pleasures and pains of daily life is being seen and is falling away, then be very grateful - there is no greater gift that life could bestow upon you.

To this end (of the end of involvement with pleasure and pain) know that a reduction in the psychological involvement towards your psychological involvement is an essential. milestone. If this has happened, don't take pride in it, it wasn't your doing, just be grateful.

The basis on which involvement in involvement falls away is through the deep apperception that psychological involvement is a happening and not 'your doing'.

This too applies to the subsequent falling away of involvement in pleasure and pain, when it's deeply apperceived that you're not the doer, that the other isn't the doer, and that your happiness and completeness are not to be found in outcomes - in other words, that your very core is already at peace, and that life is all a happening according to God's will, then you are one with life - letting life flow.

Peace for now


October 3, 2019
August 20, 2019

Forgetting is not an active movement, you don't do forgetting, when you look closely it is quite obviously just the absence of remembering.

Likewise, acceptance is not something you need to become good at, acceptance is not an active movement, it is just the absence of non-acceptance.

That's why, when it happens, it's said to be effortless and can be continuous and unbroken throughout daily living.

Peace for now

Peace of mind

October 3, 2019
August 14, 2019

Peace of mind in daily living results from one's unbroken connection to Source.

Why don't we learn this in school?

October 3, 2019
July 24, 2019

There are a handful of attributes about daily life which we really need pointed out to us clearly, repeatedly and emphatically. Then, with the aid of these pointers, we need to confirm them deeply for ourself.

During this process of receiving, intellectual understanding, observation, contemplation and meditation which culminates in insight, the pointers change from being merely intellectual concepts, and transform into potent wisdom which has the power to dissolve deeply ingrained misunderstanding.

If our attention doesn't land on the particular attributes of daily life which I'm speaking of, then it's not likely that the layer of suffering (the opposite of peace of mind) in one's life will meaningfully change.

And on the other hand, if these important attributes ARE seen for oneself (as a result of a simple guided investigation of your own life experience) then it's highly unlikely that a very powerful and automatic life changing process won't follow.

All that's really needed is earnestness, and that just means a natural dedication to absorb and follow the pointers.

As many of you know, I'm committed to putting forward, through Satsang, a comprehensive conceptual framework which lays out these essential descriptions.

The only point of this framework is: unwavering happiness in the form of peace of mind, for the individual in this life (and ironically, if there is a solution for the world problems we currently face, even though this isn't the focus, I can assure you that it is from this base of personal contentment that the solutions will quite naturally fall into place).

What on Earth is going on?

October 3, 2019
July 10, 2019

If you're looking for the content of life to continually fascinate you, then you'll find yourself unfascinated often.

The very nature of life on the other hand, is fascinating and awesome, always.

If in a moment you become one with the experience of life itself, notice that it is here, ask silently and softly how is it possible, and what is it? - then how can you not be awed.

Dwell on the very fact that something, you, are and can be aware of the moment with all its experiential complexity - sights, sounds smells, emotions, feelings, thoughts, dwell on the fact that this very introspection and contemplation can happen, and of course dwell on the undeniable sense of existence - it's magic happening.

What an amazing creation.

Peace for now


October 3, 2019
June 28, 2019

If you are not unhappy, then you are happy.

Interfering with the ingrained habit of suffering

October 3, 2019
May 31, 2019

Our happiness, which is available on a continuous basis only as peace of mind in daily living, is attitudinal and not circumstantial.

If our attitude towards oneself the other and life is an attitude of personal doership and attachment to outcomes, then that is will always lead to the uncomfortableness that is referred to in spiritual teachings as suffering.

In practical terms that suffering takes the form of thoughts (and in their concentrated form feelings) of guilt, blame, pride, worry and expectation.

It is the end of suffering which is available as the a pinnacle on the spiritual path.

Take a look at the many notions that are put forward in the many different spiritual teachings and you'll see, that they are all crafted to interfere with the ingrained habit of suffering.

Here are just a few examples of teaching concepts that can be seen to be interfering with the ingrained habit suffering. I'm not condoning any of these as Truth, but rather as teaching concepts that exist, and are designed to achieve a certain aim.

Whatever happens is because you want it to happen. Or, whatever happens, happens for a reason. Or, you choose your life before incarnating, you wrote a soul contract (if we start to believe that whatever happens is part of a grander scheme that is either for my or a greater good, or because I created it intentionally, then the standard attitudinal resistance to painful outcomes starts to be undermined by the notion that this is for the best).

Time is not real, cause and effect is not real. Life is an illusion. (If the mind starts seeing life from this perspective then how can it possibly continue to blame the other for what happened in the 'past', and how can we continue to see the others actions as the 'cause' of the outcome.)

Drop into Being, abide in I Am (this requires a shift of gear out of the thinking mind and into the ground, or essence, at the core of the human. As we drop out of the thinking mind the thoughts simply dissolve, there is just here and now).

You are not the body, you are not the person, you can't intellectualize this you must BE it.
(a large portion of our suffering comes from our addiction to pleasure, we believe that we need pleasure, pleasure, pleasure to be complete. The notion that you are not the body can interfere with the ingrained habit of seeking pleasure because as we see beyond ourselves as just a physical entity the continual seeking of pleasure is seen to be suffering and seen as reinforcing the false notion of who I am and what I need to be complete. This reminder that I am not the body, or the person cuts off the seeking for pleasure thoughts. Also the warning that you can't intellectualize this Knowing encourages the brain to cut off thinking and drop into being, where suffering instantaneously ceases - abide in I Am).

Your happiness is not to be found in the flow of life. (If we start to see that, outcomes don't in fact deliver ongoing happiness, at best they are pleasurable and at worst they are painful, all part of the inevitable flow of life, and as this becomes experienced more and more then the story of painful outcomes being an attack on Who I Am, and the story of pleasurable outcomes completing me ate both seen to be lies, and that's the beginning of the end.)

You are not the doer and the other is not the doer. (How can you carry on the stories of guilt, blame and pride when whatever happens through your body or the other's body is deeply seen to be a result of their genes and up-to-date conditioning two factors that life put in place, a happening and not your or the others "doing", destiny unfolding).

These are just a few examples of teaching concepts which as par for the course, if we resonate with them, will either be believed for a while, or seen for what they point for ourselves and this all brings about change that interferes with the existing habit of suffering.

The dissolution of suffering is progressive and what we usually find is that we move from one teaching to the next, or through different stages with one or two particular teachings. This self-guided progression is thanks to our innate intelligence at work, we will only resonate with what we are ready to receive, and that is inevitably what is most suited for the particular suffering dynamic that is exposed enough to be dissolved. The teachings all dovetail in with one another in this respect.

In the end it's all about the end of suffering. Once the suffering dynamic, over time, has progressively been uprooted, then there is no more need for the concepts, many of them are seen not even to have be entirely true.

Even what we thought were deep realizations of knowing myself as not the body, knowing myself as awareness, get refined until we come to a much more integrated place.

We get back to living life as a human being, as the body through which consciousness functions, living in a world of time and space, cause and effect, doing whatever needs to be done according to our circumstance. All this effortlessly, because we are Being lived, and suffering no longer pervades our experience of life. This because the suffering dynamic over time has been uprooted as a result of the brain recognizing that it is a sub-optimal habit compared to the other habit of not taking life personally and not trying to find happiness in outcomes. The optimal habit which experientially has become known, bit by bit at first, eventually takes over fully.

When asked how do you live that way, on what basis, the only obvious answer is that the other way makes no sense anymore, I'm not doing it, it just happens because of our innate intelligence.

Suffering is attitudinal, peace of mind in daily living is the dissolution of the attitude of doership and attachment to outcomes.

Peace for now

Life is real and you are the person

October 3, 2019
May 25, 2019

Life doesn't need to be seen as unreal, and the person as an illusion, in order for there to be peace and contentment in daily life, in fact, if that peace is to be unbroken you will have happily settled on life being, in practical terms, entirely real and seen that you have no choice but to live the rest of your life, until physical death comes, as the person.

It is more than enough to see that the beliefs in personal doership and the belief in attachment to outcomes are false and misguided and are the root of all suffering.

Life is a happening.

Happy anniversary dear Ramesh
25 May 1917 - 11 September, 2009

Peace for now

Less personal than we may think

October 3, 2019
May 23, 2019

How well, how deeply, does your system recognize that whatever thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and decisions happen, they are all, every small one of them, quite simply an inevitable outcome of the system's present moment design in relation to the particulars of the circumstance it finds itself in, neither of which were ever in the system's control.

The deeper the recognition of this simple fact the more space, silence, stillness and connection there is inside.

Peace for now

It's a wavy ocean

October 3, 2019
April 27, 2019

When all you can see is the waves you need to be reminded that they are all made of ocean.

When all you can see is the ocean you need to be reminded that the ocean turns into waves.

When you understand the ocean well, you will not be concerned with arguments about ocean or waves, the two will be known to not be two, and yet they are not the same. Descriptions of the two will no longer be seen as contradictions but as complementaries.

Peace for now

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