Tom Das and Roger Castillo - Satsang - Tell it to me straight

Aug 28, 2017

This is a joint Satsang with Tom Das and Roger Castillo.  Tom invited Roger to participate as a guest at his regular satsang in Kingston, UK.

The teachings of both Tom and Roger are very aligned and focus on highlighting the 'doership' belief and demonstrating that it is this which is at the core of so much human suffering.  Both Tom and Roger are also interested in addressing certain spiritual beliefs which inevitably get put in place as part of the spiritual transformational process.  In time even what seem like ultimate truths need to be challenged.  In this exchange Tom played the role of devil's advocate in order to provoke a discussion which highlights some standpoints which at some point need to be looked at and maybe moved past, such as standpoints such as  "the world is an illusion, or that awareness remains after death, or doesn't remain after death"

Tom holds regular meetings in Kingston, UK.  For further details click here:

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In this Satsang Roger runs through the core pointers of the teaching  and Tom throws in some great questions to keep things spicy.

Some of the topics were a discussion on concepts, teachings and whether we can really know anything for sure.

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