Is This Life A Dream? (Croatian translation)

Sep 17, 2015

For thousands of years mystics has been pointing to the dream-like nature of the waking state. Introducing this notion and contemplating what this really means can bring about a radical shift towards the recognition of the real Subject in life.

When looking at our night dreams in retrospect, it becomes more obvious that the character of the dream was just temporary and illusory, that the whole dream world appeared out of nothing and disappeared into nothing. From within the dream however the character itself was convinced they were real and that the dream world was an objective reality where the character needed to make everything happen, to achieve this or that, to control. 

Who am I In life? All there is, is Consciousness.

Satsang Intensive in Split, Croatia, Day 1 - opening session

Recorded Friday, September 11th 2015

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This talk was co-hosted by Armelle Six:

Music excerpts: "Eternal..." by Kaan Luum

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