Roger Castillo - Web-Satsang, It's Inevitable

Nov 27, 2016

Web-Satsang gives everyone the opportunity no matter where you're located to listen to these messages or even participate live via Skype. Satsang is most powerful when it is responding to a genuine question. So please ask.

If you are open to be called live during the Satsang then send a message to Skype id: rogercastillo14 saying "Call Me" at the top of the message, you could also include a short description of what you'd like to talk about (not essential). 

Sending your question in ahead of the broadcast will help things flow more smoothly. However you can still send a question through during the Satsang - it may or may not get looked at though. Feel free to leave a comment or live chat with others through this YouTube channel but these won't be looked by myself until after the broadcast.

If you've indicated that you would like to participate live and there is an opportunity I will call you. If this happens shut down the YouTube broadcast before answering the Skype call and just speak and listen via Skype until your call is over, then return to the broadcast.

If you would just like to ask a question via Skype message and not be called you can do that too.



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