Roger Castillo - Satsang - One of the Most Important Keys

Aug 16, 2017

This is a live video broadcast of Day 6 (Morning Satsang) of a 6 Day Retreat.

In this Satsang Roger speaks about what he says is one of the most significant topics of contemplation that contributed to the major shift which allowed life to be seen more clearly.

This is the topic of relative vs absolute, or, that which changes vs that which doesn't change, or non-truth vs Truth.  Related to this topic is understanding the difference between 'concepts' and 'beliefs' and understanding the dynamic of how a concept gets turned into a belief is how we are finally ridded of all beliefs, sometimes in one fowl swoop.  It is this change of relating to that which changes as relative and absolute which dissolves beliefs which are contained in the system and  effects our happiness in daily living.

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