Roger Castillo - Satsang - I'm not looking for a oneness state

Apr 15, 2018
In this Satsang Roger runs through the core of the framework and speaks about the way the brain gets shaped to think a certain way and can't do any differently given its shaping. He also explains the difference between non-duality, duality and the end of dualism. He also gives a very clear recount of the time he realised that even though he may have thought it was a oneness experience that he was really seeking, that in actuality what he was really being driven towards by a deeper intelligence was really just the simple everyday ordinary end of suffering "I wouldn't swap my current way of being in experience of life for an ongoing oneness experience in a pink fit". He also touches on a topic that is often misunderstood due to the different teaching methodologies appropriate for different parts of the path and that is whether the we are the person or not, he explains that in practice, it is the belief in doership and attachment which falls away, the person remains. Enjoy
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