Feeling Deeply (Slovenian translation)

Sep 14, 2015

There is a time when a moving backward into impersonal witnessing happens, in which suffering when seen simply subsides into the space naturally.And then a time for a different movement - inwards into the ingrained feelings and emotions, allowing them to burst open in all their colour and be transformed through a free expression of what's contained within.

Satsang Intensive in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Day 2 - Evening Session

Recorded September 5th 2015

Due to technical issue this video is only available in low quality.

Official website: http://rogercastillo.orgThis talk was co-hosted by Armelle Six: http://meetinginpresence.com

Music excerpts: "Ocean Power", "Peaceful Dream" by Kaan Luum https://www.facebook.com/kaanluum

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