Roger Castillo - Satsang - Is Life a Dream Experience?

Aug 13, 2017

In this Satsang Roger describes how useful it was when the notion of life being a dream started to appear in wisdom pointings he was engaging in, and after months of contemplation and looking into the nature of the night dream is how the everyday life experience started to be seen experientially as being much closer to a dream experience that an objective reality.  It was through this process that Awareness as a inseparable yet ever present aspect of experience became recognised, essentially awareness recognising itself.

Roger describes many of the insights that appeared to him over the course of several months in this single two hour Satsang.  A very useful set of pointers that may well guide awareness and the working mind of a listener to see aspects of life in a different light.

This is a live video broadcast of Day 3 (Morning Satsang) of a 6 Day Retreat.

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