Roger Castillo - Satsang - A Spontaneous STOP

Aug 11, 2017

This was a live video broadcast of Day 1 of a 6 Day Retreat.

In this Satsang Roger re-iterates how important it is to be clear on what human happiness really looks like, and therefore what human unhappiness looks like. Equipped with this information the working mind is able to observe the many forms the thinking mind takes in the belief that it needs to get somewhere and achieve something.

And when this is pointed out to be the issue the thinking mind at some point takes on the task of not going somewhere or not thinking it needs to achieve something, and in an instance, if the working mind recognizes that both extremes are the same movement of the thinking mind (which is our uncomfortableness) then the working mind as a direct result of the clear seeing that even an millimetre movement of the thinking mind is the very problem, might just STOP.  When this happens it is not a stopping as a result of a strategy to stop but rather a stopping as a direct recognition in the moment that any attempt to stop is just more not stopping.  That's when a spontaneous stopping can happen and then there I Am.

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