Roger Castillo - Web-Satsang. Life, What an Experience!

Dec 4, 2016

Satsang is most effective when it is a response to genuine spiritual questioning.

Please, if you have a question which needs clarification please participate via Skype and ask live, this will benefit everyone watching - many people will share an interest in your question. Questions allow the core message to be expended in more detail. 

STEP 1: Ensure We Are Skype Friends

If you are not already a Skype contact you will need to send a contact request to Skype address: 'rogercastillo14' include in the comment section the word 'WebSatsang'. 

STEP 2: Your Question or Wish to Chat Live

Once we are Skype friends if you have a question and want to participate as alive guest then send a Skype message with a brief question. I will then be able to choose what questions feel most appropriate and call you when the time is right during the web-satsang.

If you wish to be called live then include the notation "Call Me" at the beginning of the message. If you have a question but would prefer not to be called then you still submit the question, just leave out the notation "Call Me".

Please send your request at least half an hour before the broadcast starts otherwise I may not get to see or read it during the Web-Satsang.

You'll see me on Sunday, hope you'll join me.

The next scheduled Web-Satsang is on:

Sunday, December 11th @ 9.00pm (AWST) 1.00pm (GMT)

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