Innumerable Hits Make The Statue What It Is (Croatian translation)

Sep 22, 2015

The process of dissolving false beliefs and blockages in the body is very much alike creating a stone statue which is being chipped away piece by pice by the artist's chisel and after the last chip it is finished and becomes what it is meant to be. 

And although many people are claiming that the final realisation is not caused by any process but just by one important seeing, this final seeing can be compared to the last hit of the artist's chisel - it is the culmination of the work, yet the statue wouldn't exists without thousands of hits prior to the last one.

Satsang Intensive in Split, Croatia, Day 2 - evening session

Recorded Saturday, September 12th 2015

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This talk was co-hosted by Armelle Six:

Music excerpts: "Eternal..." by Kaan Luum

Nature footage:

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