“Life is a dream in the
Mind of God”

Habits just get re-enforced

March 19, 2018
March 18, 2018

It's really quite simple. We are habituated to seek meaning and contentment in outcomes and circumstance. This keeps our mind very busy and we miss the opportunity to turn inward and be quiet and still.

Meaning and contentment on a lasting basis simply can't and won't be found in outcomes and circumstance - in fact, the seeking 'out there' delivers the very opposite to meaningful.

And yet, we keep seeking outcomes because we deeply believe that's where the treasure lies - we simply don't have experiential evidence of where lasting contentment is found and so in the absence of anything better we keep seeking pleasure through outcomes and the habit persists. 

If you've understood this intellectually for yourself and you are trying to break this unhelpful habit and yet you don't unplug from news sources, social media, advertising and some circles you hang out in, you are akin to an alcoholic intending to break his addiction yet still wheeling round an alcoholic drip connected straight into his vein.

These sources just re-enforce our false belief, you need to unplug. 

A divinely orchestrated symphony

March 17, 2018
March 17, 2018

A very simple phrase at the right time can kick start a profound contemplation that days before may have seemed hardly relevant. 

The insights which filter out invariably become the basis for the next piece of the puzzle.

Additionally, life has a talent for unfolding events and circumstances which mystically conspire to reveal, highlight and confirm whatever the ruminating of the week happens to be.

I've been known to say that my experience of this process was like a magic carpet ride, a divinely orchestrated symphony, not unlike a million number combination lock being systematically opened one precise movement at a time, no hesitation, no faltering, no errors. 

"If it were up to me to direct that show, I would have messed it up on day one, I really was Being Lived."

The topic of impermanence and change is crucial for us to deepen into if a healthy relationship to the flow of life is to set in.

"No man ever steps in the same river twice."- Heraclitus

Peace for now

An unfulfilled potentiality

March 16, 2018
March 16, 2018

There is a self fulfilling potentiality - a human quality or trait - which we all possess and in general this gift remains unactualised throughout adult life.

It is simply a matter of having this quality activated and from there life takes on a completely different meaning.

This is the evolution that is happening now and will continue to happen until this trait is so well known and standard for humanity that its activation becomes a natural process in the course of an individual's development from infant to child, from child to adolescent, from adolescent to adult and from adult to death. 

The world as we know it will change radically with this trait activated.

This is our potentiality.

Peace for now

Teachings are methodology ...

March 10, 2018
March 9, 2018

... designed to bring about useful changes.

Teachings are all only a methodology designed to bring about useful changes.
A teaching directly affects the brain. 

The brain is far more powerful and mysterious than we tend to grasp or appreciate. 

If a person is told repeatedly that they are useless, a failure, unwanted and a waste of space, and if this notion gets entertained and ingrained by the person/brain then in time the brain will automatically manifest feelings so real and directly proportionate to the input, that people are driven as far as to kill themselves based on the life experience that the brain is capable of creating.

If a person is exposed repeatedly to information that says they don't exist, that the experience of the body is an illusion, that they are not a person and all is one and so on (as is the case when we find ourselves resonating with and sticking to esoteric mystical teachings) the brain will eventually oblige and generate what it has been told reality is. 

This is the phenomena which is currently being exhibited by an unprecedented number of people who are being exposed to a proliferation of top-down Advaita teachings as they are nowadays being delivered (and this phenomenon is being made visible thanks to these relatively new social media platforms which reveal so much).

This experiential shift whereby there is the sense that the person is illusory, that the world is unreal etc, is a normal progression within this particular spiritual path, and, although it has its significant drawbacks, from a bigger picture point of view it can very much be considered positive. It needs to be managed, but overall it's positive. 

This doesn't change the fact that this change - what we can refer to as a Awakening, is not actually the revelation of some Supreme Reality or Self independent of the human being, it is still a relative life experience, and to the extent the person believes they are not the person, it is a life experience that in time will prove to be what we could say was an experience of life which included delusional beliefs. 

It is quite possible for a teacher who understands the process and who has been ushered past this phase to be able to effectively put forward these pointers without themselves being stuck in the delusion. However, having said this, quite frankly, I feel that many teachers have by some mysterious game plan been held in this state to be able to deliver these teachings in the most effective fashion (this phenomenon could be what the notion of a Bodhisattva refers to as it's used in a specific context in some schools of Buddhism). There are a lot of reasons why it could be challenging even unpalatable to keep putting forward that version of "Reality" if you are no longer standing firmly on that ground. And yet, as I said earlier, it is also very possible for someone who has well and truly moved past this perspective to exclusively deliver that teaching with little interest in discussing beyond a certain point on the basis that it may dilute the impact.

If you find yourself in the position of someone who has been positively impacted by teachings that focus on the non-existence of a person, and are currently convinced that you are formless awareness and that the body is just an arising within what you are, that you are not a person and so on, I would not expect you to have any frame of reference to apprehend that what I'm saying is accurate, in fact I would expect quite the opposite. 

That is because until the brain starts to open up to new information such as this, the new reality is exactly that - it's new reality, and anything that says differently will very likely be deemed to "just not get it yet". This is what the brain has been programmed to create, hence experience and hence interpret and believe, so that response makes complete sense.

I speak from personal experience here. My journey included the shifts we are speaking of and the accompanying beliefs. It was only thanks to meeting Ramesh in 2005 that this standpoint was obliterated and a deeper peace and flow set in.

And what is ironic is that, because this change is intrinsically linked to revered wisdom teachings that put forward pointers to Truth or Reality, and what is unreal and illusory, and so on, when the change happens, (and the dynamic at play is not seen for what it is) the conviction that "Reality" beyond or prior to the pesky illusory person has finally been revealed as foretold in the independent teachings, is compounded. This is an understandable compounding of the delusion based on a feedback loop to the brain. 

There are many warnings and rescue mechanisms in these very teachings to deal with just this phenomenon I am speaking of. However, because the core of the teaching has been so heavily emphasised and focussed on, and because personal contact with a teacher is not as common nowadays proportionate to exposure to the teachings, these more subtle remedies can go unapplied and unnoticed for a long time. 

Let me finish by saying that when the brain produces its version of reality (which in one form or another will always be what our life experience is, until the body dies), the experience always correlates with a very particular neural network structure.

This means that when the experience changes radically then the neural network has also changed.

This particular shift in the brain that I've been speaking of, is fundamentally different to many other re-wirings which are constantly happening in the brain. This particular re-wiring is such that the experience no longer includes a strong sense of identification with objects including thoughts and the body. This change is monumentally significant as the groundwork for what potentiality lies ahead.

What I have written has only scratched the surface of this topic. What is equally important to just describing the phenomena is providing useful new descriptions that start to demonstrate that this is a phenomena addressed in many non-dual teachings themselves. And, also to provide explanations which help bridge certain gaps but still allow the beneficial aspects of the insights to remain in place and to be built on.

After all, this is a movement towards peace of mind (end of suffering) and not about something else. Without this information we can remain obsessed with the change and miss what in practice is really important. 

It is also very possible to get to the point beyond this awakening stage I've been speaking of by traversing a different path. Another path can bring about the shift without certain accompanying beliefs and if this is the case the sense of not being the person won't necessarily occur. After all, at some point this perspective of no person needs to be refined. 

What is actually often really being pointed at in the esoteric non-dual teachings is that the person is not the "doer" and not "independent" or separate from the rest of life. It is this crumbling tower of beliefs which is more the basis on which peace sets in rather than the dissolution of the person per se. However, having said this, some paths undo these beliefs by first deconstructing the sense that there is a person as a whole, and only then reintroducing the existence of form and the person but now minus the doership and attachment dynamics. 

I sometimes feel that revealing these secrets about teachings and how they work may result in a well aimed bolt of lightening striking me down. That's just a comical flash that happens sometimes, I really feel the time has come to build on what has come before, and move forward.

The human brain and the mystery of mind is, I suspect, far greater than we can imagine, the brain and mind is extremely constricted when configured in what we can call the current human condition. Critical thought is rendered unavailable. The capacity to use intellect for critical thinking is what will change life on earth. Critical thinking is not just logic based, it is tapping into the vast intelligence where answers and solutions come from outside. 

If there is sufficient interest in this post, I will continue it in the coming days. I feel that given awakening is becoming more and more prevalent this topic needs to be addressed seriously in such a way that the commentary becomes a valuable part of the ongoing movement forward. 

It is a fine line that needs to be balanced, the esoteric mystical teachings themselves that deliver these particular shifts are not necessarily the problem, in fact they should be respected and valued for the radical contributions they make. 

This is not about criticism, this is about process. 

Peace for now.

Witnessing life as a happening

March 10, 2018
March 5, 2018

As the belief in personal doership dissolves the psychological separation it creates subsides and quite naturally life becomes witnessed as a 'happening', and our underlying sense of Self shines through.

From this vantage point it's self evident that thoughts arise in a body mind organism, it becomes equally evident that emotions, feelings and actions all arise in and through a body mind organism. 

A great spaciousness and quiet sets in, and an undeniable sense of existence permeates the experience of life - a sense of existence that is known to be the core of what we are and is relaxation and peace. It's a home where uncomfortableness with oneself simply doesn't make sense.

This shift doesn't happen through effort or thought but rather through a STOP, a dropping backwards out of the head into the heart.

Peace for now

A definition of enlightenment

March 10, 2018
March 3, 2018

According to this teaching, the definition of enlightenment is as follows:

Enlightenment is the end of suffering, or in other words, unwavering peace of mind in daily living regardless of the circumstance we find ourself in, and this peace of mind comes with the stabilised recognition of our unbroken connection to Source. 

Peace for now

Keep it real

March 10, 2018
March 2, 2018

Keep it real, in all truth you aren't really looking for bliss, oneness or supreme reality. We are all intuitively driven towards a life with less suffering, that is what is really being sought - the end of suffering.

Be clear on this point, try not to get lost and lose sight of this. 

Remain open in your questioning of where and how this can be delivered, seek guidance from wherever you find it comes most truly. 

You will see that once this realisation sinks in based on your own admission, based on your own experience, this piece of information will become a great acquisition in the movement towards what is really, whether you realise it or not, being sought.

Peace for now

Level of change

February 21, 2018
February 21, 2018

The changes which happen in this journey towards inner freedom, all happen on the level of the body&brain.

Life doesn't have to be a competition

February 13, 2018
February 13, 2018

My grandmother, Elina Castillo, died last night, she was 94.

The last time I saw her was in her nursing home room, she had dementia and didn't remember who I was. We sat together, she would intermittently recite rhymes she'd make up, much like an innocent little girl entertaining herself. Every now and then we would say something brief to each other, and then she would go back to choosing which sweet or biscuit to have next, place a jigsaw piece in place, or just carry on rhyming.

I had brought an overfilled bread roll with me as I hadn't eaten lunch, my aunt was also in the room and while she was arranging a few things I started to eat the roll. As I took a bite I caught a glimpse of my grandmother looking at me, puzzled, wondering who this man was, eating in her room. In that moment I realised I was a complete stranger to her and yet I didn't sense anything from her other than an innocent curiosity. 

When the time came, I said I was leaving and that it was very nice to have spent time with her (it really had been, she was a very sweet and kind hearted lady, and although we hadn't talked much I could very much feel her heart). 

Ever since I was a young child I knew her as kind hearted. Both toward me as a grandmother and she spent many years routinely walking around the capital city of Malta visiting shops and collecting donations for the underprivileged. She received an official national recognition for her work and dedication to helping others who were less fortunate. 

Anyhow, as I said goodbye (remember, I was essentially a stranger to her) she looked me in the eyes and with a soft conviction that I had never felt from anyone before said "may God bless you".

She meant it from the bottom of her heart - may God bless you - in that moment I felt first hand that she really, truly wanted the very best for Roger, even if it were going to be at her expense, and even though she didn't know me. 

In a life where we tend to develop such that we relate to the other as a competitor, rival or even an enemy it is difficult to genuinely feel this attitude of wanting the very best for someone else.

This final interaction struck me because what I felt was not a mere intellectual wish, but rather a true facet of our human potential which so often gets obscured by our attitude to life, and yet in this kind hearted old lady was natural and free flowing, AND palpable. 

It was clear that this natural essence wasn't only a gift to me but was also a gift that in giving, she was receiving herself.

Thank you for looking after me when I was young and thank you for leaving me with this parting gift. 

My heart and thoughts go out to my father Adrian and my aunt Christine - she's gone home and is in peace.

Bitter fruits

February 13, 2018
February 12, 2018

Compare yourself to others - it's so fruitful 😂.

Happy neural networking

February 12, 2018
February 11, 2018

The concept of genes and up-to-date conditioning is in large part pointing to the structure of your neural network (I mean the brain as a whole) at any given moment. 

We react and respond to circumstances based on the particulars of the circumstance and our genes and up-to-date conditioning in that moment. A deep understanding of this implies we could only ever have functioned the way we did. 

Your neural network is continually changing as a result of new environmental conditioning.

Your experience of life is dictated to by your neural network in each moment. 

Any thoughts or reactions are a by-product of your neural network. 

Maybe that makes it easier to see how you, and everybody else, are not the "doers" (given we don't control the neural network and how it changes). 

All suffering stands on the belief in doership and attachment to outcomes, these beliefs if they exist are part and parcel of your neural network.

As well as being a description of your neural network genes and up-to-date conditioning also points to your hair and eye colour, build and skin type, blood type and susceptible to cancer or heart disease etc, but by far the most important aspect to recognise it pointing to is the neural network (I mean the brain as a whole).

Any shifts in perception or even what is called witnessing, or prior to witnessing, I-Am-ness is also a result of a change in the neural network. When you look at what changes in this process, it is always change on the level of the body/mind. Because the shifts seem to be out of a certain type of thinking, it can appear that the shift was not anything to do with the body, but on closer assessment of what caused the change we will find that life delivered new conditioning and that changed the brain which changed the experience. Even a spontaneous shift that seems to be unexplainable is probably just a shift in the neural wiring.

Happy neural networking for now

A trail to follow >>> check it out

February 9, 2018
February 9, 2018

If there is a prevailing sense of uncomfortableness with yourself or the other, or with life (ultimately all an uncomfortableness with yourself) then upon honest reflection you will be forced to conclude "I am not happy".

If the prevailing sense of uncomfortableness is absent then upon reflection you will know your happiness.

Happiness and peace of mind are synonymous with each other. Peace of mind is the absence of an uncomfortableness with yourself (suffering).

If from time to time attention moves inward and you 'feel', you'll find that the words 'uncomfortableness with yourself' is a spot on descriptor of the sense that disturbs happiness.

These pointers are not intended for you to form an expectation over, or to measure yourself against and feel shame or pride (although this can all too easily happen), if this happens then it is just more uncomfortableness arising in the moment.

These pointers, if you feel so inclined, are here to be used as guides. They are descriptions of things to look at - aspects of the life experience to land on, feel and contemplate. 

If this happens there will be a verification of the concepts for yourself based on your own daily life experience - this is super important. Real change will not happen unless this investigation for yourself happens.

Each time these concepts are verified for yourself based on your own investigation in your own daily life, the understanding goes deeper and deeper. 

It shifts from what it started off as (an intellectual understanding) to a deeper clarity of your own, no longer merely the intellectual grasp of what a concept is stating. In this process a whole lot of misunderstanding which is the basis of the uncomfortableness gets uprooted.

If from time to time attention moves inward and you 'feel', you'll find that the words 'uncomfortableness with yourself' is a spot on descriptor of the sense that disturbs happiness.

Peace for now

You're free to do what you want

February 6, 2018
February 5, 2018

If you only ever do what you've been told to do you'll only ever end up where someone else wants you to be, that's why living life that way is so unsatisfying. 

Try doing what you feel like more. Start small and allow the principle to work its way into your life organically, that way fear (attachment to outcomes) won't derail the process. You might just be surprised at the effects.


Is continuous happiness available?

February 6, 2018
February 1, 2018

Continuous happiness for the human being is available.

It's not available as some form of pleasurable feeling, not as joy or bliss, or an altered state, but rather it's available as unwavering peace of mind in daily living. 

Peace of mind is more accurately described as the absence of suffering, in other words the absence of an attitudinal resistance to life which is essentially an uncomfortableness with oneself or the other. 

This resistance and uncomfortableness arises in the forms of expectation and attachment to outcomes, worry, guilt, blame and pride.

Suffering dissolves when our connection to source remains unobscured and the implications of this connection seep into the depths of our being, dissolving the ground on which suffering stand. 

Happiness turns out to be peace of mind in daily living regardless of the circumstance you find yourself in.

Peace for now

The notion that suffering can end is a concept.

February 6, 2018
January 30, 2018

We are very proficient in turning concepts into beliefs, it is a most unimpressive skill. 

Who says you are meant to be, or should be happy? Who says it is even actually available for you?

Beliefs are the very basis of expectation and expectation is a big form of suffering.

A gift that comes out of the flip flopping phase

February 6, 2018
January 25, 2018

One of the biggest benefits which comes out of the 'flip/flop/flip/flop' phase is the clarity, the recognition beyond just what someone has pointed at, for the first time, of what we are REALLY looking for.

In a certain moment, after having experienced this seemingly unfortunate and ongoing sliding in and out of peaceful and suffering phases, the experiential contrast between the two can become glaringly clear. It is seen that in practical terms the: 

'Flip' stage equates to a sense of ease with whatever may be happening in the flow of life,

and the 

'Flop' phase equates to a resistance and uncomfortableness with what's happening in the flow of life.

When the contrast between the two becomes clear experientially and in practical terms, the intellect may register a very important conclusion; 

It may insightfully proclaim, based on a recognition of the contrast of the two states, based not just on what someone else has told us but rather from really having registered it clearly for oneself for the first time:

"All that I'm REALLY looking for is the end of the 'Flop' !!!" 

"I'm NOT REALLY looking for an ecstatic experience, I'm not looking for my life situation to change radically, I'm just looking for the end of the 'Flop', when the 'Flip' is there all is ok, really more than ok. 'Flip' is the absence of the 'Flop' not the gaining of anything, Wow, I din't really really get this for myself before"

Peace of mind is what we are REALLY looking for. And peace of mind is just the absence of an uncomfortableness, the absence of the different forms of suffering which arise.

If this gets registered, a most important recognition has happened and so much confusion that has stood in the way of what we are REALLY looking for can fall away. 

The seeking becomes much more focussed, awareness plus the intellect then start to see the remaining subtle dynamics which still remain in the system which are forcing the movement out of peace. 

Additionally, a whole lot of interest in topics which we thought were important fall away when it's seen that they may not actually be that relevant for what we REALLY want.

We have more clarity, our understanding has gone deeper, our earnestness has grown. The seeking becomes much more focussed.


Peace for now

Fear of death

February 6, 2018
January 24, 2018

We're not really scared of dying because we're afraid we will no longer exist, or because of the uncertainty, but much more so because we have forgotten that we exist fully right now.

When you die

February 6, 2018
January 23, 2018

When it comes time to die, die knowing that in each moment you did exactly what you thought or felt to do.

A few half truths here and there

February 6, 2018
January 22, 2018

The human being is not JUST a body but rather is the blend of a body AND consciousness. 

The consciousness aspect surprisingly goes unnoticed and it's not uncommon for people to live an entire lifetime disconnected from a very significant aspect of themselves, and as a result, have the opposite of a well rounded experience of themselves - this is experientially very uncomfortable.

From some perspective this can be seen as a tragedy.

In order to address this oversight - this one sided obsession with the body - Nisargadatta Maharaj and others, in fact whole teaching traditions, would make bold statements like "I am not the Body, I Am Awareness/Consciousness" or "The world is illusory, the body is illusory, your thoughts and feelings are illusory, you are not that, you are the Self in which all arises and is seen".

Are these sorts of statement absolutely true? Or, could it be, that in order to break an obsession with one aspect of ourself (which is preventing a more balanced, well rounded experience) it is necessary to trick the mind into shifting attention from the aspect it is overly identified with to the aspect it is overlooking. 

And what better way to aid this shift than to introduce the notions of 'Truth versus illusion', 'Absolute versus the changing', 'what you are versus what you are not'. 

In other words we need to be told we are absolutely not the body, not the thoughts and so on, and simultaneously told that we are exclusively Consciousness or Awareness or No Thing, in order to get the job done, at least that is one way. 

Couldn't we consider it kind or compassionate that someone has dedicating their life to do whatever is needed to bring attention on that which has been overlooked, to bring about the end of this tragedy? 

A few half truths here and there are not so bad after all, right? 

They will all get sorted out in due course anyway. 

When and if it happens, the recognition of the awareness or consciousness aspect of the human can be called Awakening, awakening to the aspect of ourselves that we were asleep to.

Integration is the process after awakening where we start becoming less identified with any aspect of ourself. And after being [compassionately] told emphatically for years that we are consciousness or nothing, that the person doesn't exist etc, and having shifts that may have been taken as 'proofs' of these statements, we may have some issues to deal with for a while 😂. 

So after life has delivered our non-dual rehabilitation program (integration) we just find ourselves living as a well balanced human being in a world of time and space. 

We now find, as a result of all these realisations, that all aspects of ourself are held in a healthy perspective and suffering which resulted from an over-identification with one aspect or the other falls away.

Peace for now

Attachment to outcomes

February 6, 2018
January 21, 2018

It's our attachment2outcomes that becomes a Dictator, and one day we WILL break free.

The long list of "should's" and "shouldn'ts" have been put in place by our attachment2outcomes which essentially is the deeply ingrained belief that my happiness, my completeness is to be found in outcomes, in pleasure and not pain. The pleasure we are most attached to is love from the other and material gain. 

The list of should's and should nots are a powerful unconscious strategy to gain as much of these pleasures as possible and what this does is cut us off from accessing and following a feeling of what we really want to do in each moment. This is inauthenticity and it feels very uncomfortable. The uncomfortableness accumulates over time and manifests as an unsatisfactory sense in life. 

Start learning how to do what you feel like more, start with the small things first, and soon enough you'll find it no longer makes sense to live life any other way. 

Freedom, right?

You are not Awareness

January 11, 2018
January 11, 2018

The majority of spiritual concepts are put forward not because they are true but rather to expose and loosen an existing and opposite ingrained belief.

We could say that this journey is ultimately a journey of freedom from belief. 

Take for example the concept "you are not the body you are formless awareness which pervades everything", this concept is not entirely true, however it can effectively bring about the dislodging of a limiting ingrained belief. 

Let's then hope that the concept that has helped remove an ingrained belief doesn't in itself become the new problem. 

You are not Awareness. Even if a new state or way of directly perceiving life sets in and suggests you are, look at it and see if maybe there is another explanation. We so often overlay onto our new experience the descriptions given to us in a teaching and then unquestioningly take that to be the fact. This is not a questioning of the validity of the description as a methodology, it was unquestionably useful in order to bring about change but not necessarily the 'truth' of the matter, and for a while we can be quite deluded about what's what.

In practical terms you are a complete person. A person is the combined result of Consciousness (awareness is a primary faculty of consciousness) functioning through the body, and hence coloured by the characteristics of the body, this results in a personal experience in each moment, an experience of being that individual and of living life, or being lived. 

Even if the sense in the moment is highly impersonal, it is still an individual personal experience which has become in parts coloured with a sense of impersonalness, nonetheless, in practical terms you are still the person.

Remember this when it comes to teachings and how to relate to them (and what is written here also fits into that category):

'whatever is written or spoken is always a concept, no sage, no matter how great, has ever uttered a word of 'Truth', the only Truth in the manifestation is the impersonal sense of 'I Am', I exist now.' ~ Sri Ramesh Balsekar

"use this thorn to remove the thorn embedded in your thumb, but then be sure to throw both thorns away" ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

Don't worry, life has this under control, the process will take you there. What is written above is actually just a description of what may happen, and not a prescription of something you have to do. 

In my experience life takes us beyond any states and mindset of not being the person to a standpoint where I see I have always been a person, always will be, and for a while was a person with some fairly inaccurate interpretations of life, like, "I am not the person". 

One of the biggest intellectual shortcomings we tend to have is that we find we are incapable of hearing a concept without either taking it as Truth (turning it into a belief), or dismissing it as entirely wrong.

Coming to have a distinct understanding of the difference between the nature of a concept and the nature of turning that concept into a belief, hence an understanding of the nature of belief is paramount in this transformation process. If we come to see that in principle all and every belief is in principle fundamentally flawed (on the basis that we are incapable of knowing anything absolutely, but rather we will know things only relatively), then we can become free from the error of belief. 

If we start to recognise how we automatically relate to concepts as Truth, this seeing can become the basis of the collapse of our entire upheld system of belief.  

It is the cutting of the Gordian knot of belief.

The core of the person is consciousness.

Peace for now

The flow of life...

January 7, 2018
January 7, 2018

... is sometimes pleasure and sometimes pain.

The unfolding of life is in some moments as we would like and in other moments not as we would like - it's just the nature of life. 

The sooner this is truly recognised the sooner the attitudinal resistance - which assumes that life should turn out our way - will dissolve.

That is what peace of mind regardless of circumstance looks like.

The reason this peace can be there is because pleasure or pain don't actually touch what we are at our core.

Peace for now

The inner and outer gifts

January 6, 2018
January 6, 2018

Isn't it true, we are given gifts in life! Gifts of friendship and love for example, and sometimes these gifts are given only for a short time - rarely are we given a gift which remains consistent - it's just not the nature of life's gifts. Yet, nonetheless, they are still precious gifts given.

Having said this there is one very special gift, the gift of our innate Being, the core of each and every human - this is always consistently here.

When the focus turns inwards to the precious gift that is always consistent, then the attitude to the outer gifts adjusts naturally. And then, when an outer gift is no longer there, the attitude is not anymore of loss but rather of appreciation for what was given, even if only for a short time. The whole relationship to the transience of life changes.

Peace for now. 

Happy New Year to You

December 31, 2017
January 1, 2018

In these 24 hours you will be wished happiness and in-turn will wish happiness on others more than at any other time in the upcoming year. 

Maybe it's a good time, just for fun, to pause and consider exactly what, in practical terms, that constitutes.

Peace for now

PS: For those that want a little hint,
happiness doesn't come from outcomes, it isn't a feeling of excitement or joy, or pleasure, not even bliss or ecstasy but rather is described in the second last line of the post above.

The undeniable, ever present fact, I AM

December 28, 2017
December 28, 2017

The amount of peace in your life is directly correlated with how quickly it is directly known that a particular situation, positive or negative, doesn't touch the core of who you are. 

Whatever happens, I still am. It is only thought which fails to recognise this. The fact remains.

Peace for now. 

Why we are disturbed by unfavoured outcomes

December 27, 2017
December 27, 2017

Why is it that we get so disturbed when outcomes are not as we would like? 

It's really quite simple, it's because (and this really is quite an oddity given we have so much experience of life), by enlarge we still haven't realised that life is a force unto its own (which we are intrinsically part of) and sometimes life delivers what we want, and sometimes it doesn't - that's it. 

Once this has become crystal clear to us then we stop expecting life to be different, it just doesn't surprise us when things turn out the way they do.
We stop resisting what happens in each moment.

And with this attitude of acceptance and understanding we still have the intelligence and freedom to do whatever we can in each given moment to improve a situation, with the knowing that the outcome is not in our control.

The other factor that forces us to get so disturbed is that humanity tends to be out of touch with the part of themselves which is never affected by outcomes.

The core of the human is unaffected by what happens in the flow of life and it's being familiar with that aspect of ourself which delivers unwavering peace and contentment in daily living.

Peace for now

The Spirit of Christmas

December 26, 2017
December 25, 2017

Rest in the Christmas Spirit - the undeniable, pure existence, at the core of your humanness.

I wish you all the unwavering peace that stems from there.

Peace and loveRoger

One way

December 23, 2017
December 23, 2017

Life only ever turns out one way.

Who thinks?

December 19, 2017
December 17, 2017

A thought or feeling, an action for that matter, are all simply products of a biological organism reacting to stimuli. This sounds very scientific and mechanical doesn't it? Not very human, right?

Nonetheless, the fact is, that for as long as we don't see things with clarity we will continue to experience life with an internal discomfort.

The vast majority of us don't see what happens in life as an impersonal happening, but rather are convinced that there is a 'doer' that is responsible for everything that happens through the body and mind. 

If looked at closely it becomes evident that this supposed entity, 'this fictitious doer', simply doesn't exist. All there really is, is a complex set of automatic biological and psychological reactions which happen, and happen without the need of a 'controller' to produce them. 

From this recognition, witnessing the wonder of life happen (including all the functions of the body) is so much more of a likelihood.

This is the game changer. This is the waking up to the fact that the belief that I am the 'doer' is a complete fiction. There is great liberation in this imagined entity collapsing.

This imagined entity is in itself just a thought.

Peace for now.

We are destined to live happily

December 19, 2017
December 9, 2017

Evolution is a process of growth and adaptation to an environment in order to optimise existence in that environment. 

So far humanity has evolved sufficiently such that we can prosper very competently in life.

Unwavering happiness in daily living is just a continuation of this evolutionary process. In due course we will not only be able to prosper, but to be happy as well. 

Happiness is very much part of evolution, it is the human evolving in a way that it no longer functions a particular way because it makes life better.

It takes experience for evolving to happen. To date, the intelligence of life has been focused on optimising survival, and the natural progression after survival is ensured is towards happiness. 

Remember, evolution is a very gradual process. For so long the focus has been on gaining and attaining to survive, and a shift on an instinctual level to temper this focus can take time. 

For at least several thousands of years some humans have been at the front of this evolution curve and have had enough experience to know that life is vastly improved when certain thinking patterns are dropped. These people have felt compelled to share this 'wisdom' with as many others as possible. This movement is part of the impersonal and very intelligent evolutionary process. 

Once an individual starts experiencing a shift from suffering to peace, and the difference is recognised to be directly linked to thinking patterns (ie, suffering is seen to be attitudinal) then a change in attitude happens, the person evolves. 

Happiness is the end of suffering coupled with awareness of, or a connection with, the inner. This connection was foregone because of our obsession with the outer. Suffering is based on a particular way of relating to life and once we start experiencing it with less suffering (thanks to hints that life starts delivering) and it becomes experientially known to be a far more optimal way of living; then it's inevitable that the change continues and an adaptation, evolution, happens.

Spiritual teachings are just a methodology to bring about change. We will continue to evolve past the teachings themselves until eventually we just find ourselves living happily. In other words, we find ourselves no longer producing certain thought patterns and feelings. 

A teaching will do what it needs to do and will say what it needs to say in order to affect change. Always be ready to move on and let go of what you believe to be true. 

It turns out that what we are as humans is very special at our core. It turns out that once certain thought patterns fall away, the sole, undeniable fact that I Am, I exist now, is enough to be happy. Our Being is self contenting.

Peace for now