“Life is a dream in the
Mind of God”


November 30, 2017
December 3, 2016

When I feel to pray.....I consider carefully what it is I say.

Am I really and independent separate being?

November 30, 2017
November 22, 2016

When two chemicals come together there is a reaction, the chemicals don't choose how they react it just happens. 

The human being is like a very complex chemical, an intricate instrument through which consciousness functions, designed and shaped to be exactly the way it is in each moment. 

The two factors that influence and determine this beautiful and intricate design are its genes and up-to-date conditioning - two factors that have never been in the human's control. Try and find a third factor!

In a particular situation the human being will act exactly as it designed to, it can only act the way it does given the particular circumstance and its unique momentary design. It could only act differently if something was different. 

We don't tend to see ourselves or the other like this, why so? well, based on the above description it's because we haven't been designed to - YET.

Life is continuously changing the up-to-date conditioning, maybe now is the time to contemplate this point and see if maybe we haven't been seeing life as it really is. This is not meant to become a new belief but rather something we can actually see and verify for ourself.

So why is this relevant?

This topic is relevant because it directly effects what all humans want most in life - human happiness.

A large part of human unhappiness manifests in the form of blame, guilt and pride, all of which are based on the belief in 'personal doership', the belief that we are a seperate independent entity with full autonomy in control of what happens through us in each moment. Human happiness is the end of this unhappiness - which is really peace of mind. 

This way of seeing life, our actions and the actions of the other leads to resentment and hatred. 

It is this belief which creates the imagined separation where we feel disconnected and unsatisfied in life. It's this belief which gets in the way of seeing that everything which happens is a happening according to God's Will, a recognition of which leads to seeing that we are all, always connected to source and never seperate - peace and unconditional love follow from here.

Love is what's left when life through our actions or the other's actions doesn't deliver our preference and still it's not taken personally.

If our attitude to life changes then amazing things can happen without our outside circumstance needing to be perfect.


Out There

November 30, 2017
November 15, 2016

Have you ever asked yourself when you look at a table or chair, a tree or just stare... if it's all really 'out there' ?

Infinite and Eternal

April 26, 2017
May 14, 2016


Close your eyes and realize the world is not real.

Realize there is no-one sitting with closed eyes, no inside or outside, and yet I Am.

This is the road to peace in daily living.

Just stop….and BE.

What You Are...Can’t be Healed

April 26, 2017
May 14, 2016

Contemplate this:

If there is the belief that you need healing or to change then know that there exists the false idea of who you are.

This ingrained false belief of who you are is the foundation from which the uncomfortableness with oneself arises in the first place and it is this uncomfortableness that leads to the sense that you need healing.

The body is not the source of who you are. You are not the body.Peace.

Just stop ….. and be.

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Freedom is Liberation from Beliefs

April 26, 2017
May 14, 2016


Contemplate this:

Freedom for the human is liberation from beliefs.

Often in life because beliefs are not seen for what they are we just exchange one set of beliefs for another, thinking that freedom will be found in our new beliefs.

Beliefs cease to exist completely when it becomes fundamentally seen and known that there is only one Truth in life…. the impersonal sense of I AM.

The impersonal sense of I AM is ever present and unchanging, everything else is heresy and/or part of the changing momentary experience.  That which changes isn’t Truth, that which changes is not real. What we are is real.

On a macro level the end of belief means the end of the false idea of who we are, what we need in order to be whole or complete and what life is.

On a micro level it means the end of living life dictated to by the long list of should’s and should not’s, doing what others want us to do and tell us life is about - what we have come to believe is truth.

This change is the shift from head to heart.  Follow your heart means to find that place inside and feel.  Feel what it is you really want in life and follow the continuous moment after moment direction that is provided from that place - that connection to Source.

It takes courage if our attachments are still in place. However from here we’ll find for ourselves that life flows, not chaotically and irresponsibly but surprisingly much more efficiently with a love not only for oneself but for the others too. Transcending our beliefs and doing what we feel and observing the result is the methodolgy by which beliefs are seen to not be truth and fall away.

This is the place from which we can feel deeply into what is, know who we are and follow a much more authentic movement which comes from Source and guides us continually.

This connection not only tells us what we really want to do next but provides the nourishment and contentment which is the only satisfying way of Being in life.

And when the time comes when death is imminent we can close our eyes and relax with a rye smile on our face knowing that life was lived in each moment doing exactly what we felt to do.

This is the freedom which stems from following the sense of free will in the moment which is found outside of the head in our heart where I AM resides. From here its known that my free will is not different from the the will of Source, that what I Am in essence is not ever seperate from Source.

Everything is exactly as it is meant to be and even death is not a threat to who I Am.

Just stop……and BE…..  

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What is Happiness?

April 26, 2017
April 30, 2016


If it’s happiness you’re looking for then a clear understanding of exactly what happiness is for a human being seems like an important conclusion to come to - that way the search can be focussed with less chance of getting lost in practices or movements which are unlikely to deliver what we are really looking for.

If we approach this question objectively we will come to see that in fact the general assumption and attitude is that our happiness is dependant on what happens in our life. This means that we actually think that happiness and pleasure are the same thing, that happiness is a pleasurable feeling. For example that excitement or joy based on circumstance is happiness.

The flow of life is always either pleasure or pain. Good food is pleasure, stubbing your toe is pain, being complimented by another is pleasure, missing your flight is pain, feeling love from another is pleasure, being let down by a friend is pain.

Here is the hint or pointer to contemplate: Our happiness is never to be found in the flow of life. This means that our happiness is never dependent of pleasure or pain. This is great news really, I’ll explain why. Life is always going to be a flow of pleasure or pain, that’s just a fact, and how much pleasure or pain we get is never in our control and life is never going to be just pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.

Life is a duality which means both pleasure and pain, that is the nature of life in its expression form, it is never going to be just pleasure, no matter what we try to do to control life we will never be able to change it’s nature as being a flow of pleasure and pain.

So, the fact that our happiness is never to be found in the flow of life, in other words not dependent on what circumstance we find ourselves in is great news…. if it were dependent on pleasure and pain then our happiness would be a fragile, impermanent state, here one minute gone the next.

Whereas true happiness for the human being is available on a permanent unbroken basis. This is our birth right. Intuitively this is known that is why spiritual seeking happens.

So what is happiness really for the human being? Happiness for the human being in very practical terms is peace of mind in daily living regardless of the circumstance we find ourselves in. Happiness is not pleasure. This contentment is something we can come to know for ourselves, directly, beyond concept. We know this directly when peace starts to become the ground of our being even in the face of pain.

And this peace is available on a continuous unbroken basis because it is based on our attitude to life and not the flow of life itself. Our attitude to life stems from who we believe ourselves to be. If the other steals from us for example this act must be seen as a personal attack when I hold the image of myself as the body. If we believe ourselves to be a body then life has to be seen as a continual assault on what we believe ourselves to be. From this standpoint peace is not available because of the inevitable attachment and personal involvement to whatever happens in the moment.

When these false beliefs of ourself fall away our true nature as the silent formless witness, or consciousness becomes known directly and the flow of life no longer represents an adding to, or taking away, from what we know ourselves to be.This is the spontaneous attitude of non-doership and non-attachment that stems from Self realisation and it manifests in practical terms as a natural continuous unbroken peace of mind regardless of circumstance.

This is happiness for the human in practical terms as it actually presents automatically with no effort or doing when there is Self knowledge.

Enlightenment is the end of suffering.

Peace is the absence of suffering.

Enlightenment is peace.

Happiness is peace.

Enlightenment is happiness.

and it all stems from our true nature. It is the most natural thing. It is what we are.

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Personal Doership....

April 26, 2017
February 17, 2016

If it’s happiness you’re looking for then challenge your belief that you are the “doer”.

Challenge the belief that you are the orchestrator of your life, and that the other is the orchestrator of theirs.

Challenge the belief that you are controlling how your life unfolds, and even the belief that the actions, thoughts and feelings that arise in you in each moment are actually produced by you - challenge the notion that you are in control of anything.

The dissolving of the beliefs of personal doership  - This Is Surrender.

These beliefs are so ingrained that you may not realise they are there. Nonetheless it is only from these beliefs that all our human unhappiness and discontentment stems.

In practical terms our human unhappiness is:

- blaming the other for what they have done to hurt or inconvenience us.

- Feeling guilty or embarrassed for what we have done in the past that hurt or inconvenienced the other.

- Feeling insecure, unworthy or unlovable.

- Being attached to outcomes and thinking that our worth comes from achievement and being better than our neighbour’s and friends.

- Feeling like our happiness is to be found in the flow of life - in pleasure out there.

- Worrying about the future and how it will turn out, feeling anxious about our loved ones.

- taking ownership and pride for those positive characteristics and actions that happen through you.

All of the manifestations mentioned above are what you can refer to as human suffering.

It is suffering which is our unhappiness.

Happiness on the other hand is not something acquired or gained but simply the end of suffering. in other words it is the non-arising of guilt, blame, pride, worry and expectation.

The Buddha’s concept was that: Enlightenment is the end of suffering.

If all suffering stems from the belief of personal doership then focusing awareness on this set of beliefs would seem like a wise thing.

These ingrained beliefs which are there,  often without us even recognising they exist, are in themselves the very basis of the false identity we come to know ourselves as.

This means that for as long as we believe ourselves to be something that we are not (the doer) we can’t know ourselves.

Life put these beliefs in place and it is life, in the course of your life, that starts to dissolve them - maybe reading this message which you had no control over will be part of how life is doing this :)

It may seem that in contemplating and accepting the notion that ‘everything is a happening according to God’s will and not your doing’ we are forced to give up too much - we may ask “who would I be without this idea of myself”.

Well, unhappiness and discontentment is always accompanied by a disconnection from Source. It is these beliefs that create the disconnect. You may be surprised that in real surrender you actually lose nothing of worth, and in exchange for these false ideas we realise our continuous unbroken connection to Source. It is this continuous unbroken connection to Source which delivers continuous unbroken Peace of Mind (happiness) regardless of the circumstance we find ourself in.

Just become aware of your actions, thoughts and reactions in daily life relative to the concept of personal doership. These reactions and thoughts will be your indicators to your underlying ingrained beliefs about personal doership. No need to judge them for being there, it wasn’t your doing that put them there :) just becoming aware is enough.

Oh, and remember to just Stop, and Be….

In being the beliefs are suspended for a while and we know what we are.

For some of you reading this post you may recognise the theme and even a lot of the words and phrases as being inspired by Sri Ramesh Balsekar. I speak and write from my own experience but the teaching and conceptual framework that came through Ramesh and subsequently washed through me is so profoundly accurate and practical that now the same words flow out of me, mainly unchanged. Jai Ramesh Guru.

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In The Mind of God

April 26, 2017
February 10, 2016

The totality of your momentary experience right now, is a spontaneous manifestation in the mind of God.

- A Divine Imagination -

Not a single aspect of the moment could be there if it wasn’t brought into existence by God, Source or Consciousness.

Stop, and Be, That….

All our obsessive thinking about the past and future, and what we need to do in order for our life to hold together or to be a success is superfluous. You can just stop and Be, watch it all unfold, it won’t fall apart ….. in fact you might just find the very opposite - you are held.

Allow a soft smile to spread across your heart, and Be - this is good news!When internal blame or judgement towards the other arises it is because the nature of life and Self has been forgotten. The forgetting, together with the feelings of blame and judgement are not seperate from and therefore intrinsically part of the created experience in the mind of God - not your “personal doing”.

Stop, and Be….

It is for this reason that it can be said that what happens in life is totally predetermined.

What this means is that each moment is unfolding EXACTLY as it is created to happen, not by one human or the other but by God.

This is God’s masterpiece ‘the story of life’ ……the story of forgetting ones true nature and suffering, a journey of slowly remembering, then magically one day in the storyline Self recognises itself, knows itself and suffering ends.

When life is seen as a divinely orchestrated experience - the body being not the 'experiencer’ but rather, intrinsically part of the experience, nothing seen out of place, then the Oneness is known and our true nature as Consciousness also becomes more than just a nice idea.

Coming to understand that blame and judgement, as well as guilt, pride, worry, attachment to outcomes and expectation are all based on an ingrained misunderstanding of the intrinsic nature of life is very significant. it is a turning point in the plot.

It means that awareness can start to land on these once overlooked behaviours, behaviours based on an inaccurate belief of separation, behaviours which if perpetuated actually re-enforce the inaccurate belief. With this new awareness change can happen.

Everything untrue is forced to dissolve in the light of awareness.

Now, that’s a lot, you deserve to just stop and Be…. you can think about this in a while.

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April 26, 2017
February 7, 2016


you are not the body

you are that which is aware of the body

that in which the body and everything right now arises

prior to thought


A Mental Image of Who We Are

April 26, 2017
February 5, 2016

We have a mental image of ‘who we are’ and relative to that image so much in life is unacceptable and needs to change, especially the other.

That, in practical terms, is human unhappiness in daily life (suffering) and it all arises from a false idea of who we are.

What we are in essence exists in the space prior to thought - it always Is, unchanging and present - Being.

When that ground of Being is not familiar to us a sense of disconnection and discontentment is bound to be there.

Rest in Being and we are connected to Self or Source.

Human happiness is a continuous unbroken connection to Source.

Who Am I?

April 26, 2017
January 31, 2016

Awakening and the subsequent end of suffering comes from revelation and realisation.

It comes from a seeing and Knowing oneself, and life, radically differently.If we are lucky life conspires to bring us to look deeper, to ask questions. The most profound being, Who am I?

When what was believed to be the Subject is revealed to be collection of changing objects, then the real Subject - who we are in essence - recognises itself.

What we are in essence is ever present and unchanging. It is invulnerable, not subject to disease or attack. It is formless and full of existence.What we are is Real. The real doesn’t change whereas the unreal is changing and impermanent.

These are just pointers, the truth is to be known where you are in Being, prior to thinking or movement.

Contemplate this if you feel inclined, and enjoy your day.